Success Story at The Owl Pre-School Project

Success Story at The Owl Pre-School Project

Last week, Heather Syers had the privilege of coordinating the Owl Pre-School charity garden project with the Construction Youth Trust and the local Youth Offending Team (YOT) in Northfleet, Kent.

The Brief
The Owl Pre-School is a charity which provides care to young children, including many with physical disabilities and learning difficulties. Tight on funding, the centre was in desperate need of a suitable and safe outdoor space for the children to play and learn.

Their main ‘wishes’ were to have;
– A sandpit (which had to be raised so that it was accessible to the children with reduced mobility)
– Seating for all the children
– Racks to hang wellies on
– A safe cupboard to house the children’s wooden building blocks
– An A-frame notice board to write notices for parents
– Replacement astroturf

In conjunction with our group from the Construction Youth Trust, the local YOT team had 8 young offenders (around 17 years old) who were showing interest in getting into the construction industry and wanting to improve their employability. The 8 boys were given the opportunity to complete the Owl Pre-School project works under the supervision of skills trainers and experienced contractors who could mentor them through the process and equip them with valuable skills. In return for completing the works, the boys were promised the funding of CSCS and Health & Safety Level 1 in order to give them access to construction employment opportunities after the project.

The Solution
Clients and connections of Delego generously pulled together to donate labour and materials, without which the project simply would not have been possible.

  • Highview Roofing & Externals – Providing landscaping skills from 3 of their staff for the duration of the works
  • Ergro Group – Purchasing almost all materials
  • Faithdean – Providing carpentry skills from 1 of their experienced tradesmen for an entire day, and also providing the pre-school with a
  • £60 toy donation
  • Mechanical Movements – Carrying out full waste clearance from site on the last day
  • Travis Perkins & Grass Direct – Discounting materials

The Result

  1. A safe and usable garden which the young children are already enjoying playing in.
  2. Happy pre-school staff – “Thank you for your generous contribution to help provide us with a dream play garden for our 3/4 year olds! The improvements this project has made to our nursery are immeasurable! Your team made our dream a reality and we can’t thank you enough!” – The Owl Pre-School Staff
  3. All youth offenders successfully completed the project, receiving certificates on the last day and now going onto their CSCS and H&S level 1.
  4. Rising Stars – all of the boys learnt invaluable skills from you, enabling them to take steps to improve their situations, giving them a sense of achievement and self-worth. One of the boys has actually already been offered a job as a direct result of this project!

We are truly very grateful to all our friends and clients who helped us make this worthwhile charity project a success.

Thank you.