5 Top Tips for Creating Credible Case Studies

A necessary evil, pulling together images and information from multiple sources in order to produce the best, most RELEVANT, examples of your work to impress a potential client, can be the task that most of us want to keep putting off.

But so often, a case study can be your quick-win way to demonstrate your capabilities and seal the deal for new work, if done well…

I once attended an exhibition at which a contractor had displayed on his stand some printed project photographs on some lose sheets of A4 paper, with the name of the client and the title of the project next to them, which the contractor explained he had printed from his office printer the night before!

Here’s my top 5 tips to remember for getting case studies right:

1. A Picture Speaks 1,000 Words
Always, ALWAYS, have accompanying photographs, even if it’s a CGI for a job that’s not yet started, or a stock image which has relevance to the type of work undertaken, make sure you always have images that gain attention and add interest.
• Extra hint – High resolution, good quality images taken with a decent camera will ensure a professional look

2. Who, What, When, Where, How
Make sure you include the ALL of these important evidential facts about the example you are giving:-
Who was it for, What was the work, When did it start and end, Where was the location of delivery, How much was the value of the job (project values can be key information to prospective clients assessing your workload capability).

3. Why You?
When explaining the work you carried out, make sure you describe any challenges faced when doing so. These challenges can be used as an opportunity to demonstrate how you overcame them and how that has made you more experienced. Think about what you want the reader to learn about you from this experience and therefore chose you for their own challenging work.

4. Keep It Simple
No-one wants to read too much more than the key details, prioritise space for striking images and factual evidence. One page is plenty!

5. Ask Permission
Always ensure that the client is happy for you to say that you did a good job for them. You may even be able to gain a glowing testimonial quote from them to include at the same time.